Retired Apparatus

Retired Tanker 33

1981 GMC Tanker with 2000-gallon tank, PTO driven pump with pump and roll capabilities, one 1 3/4-inch attack line and a 2500-gallon portable dump tank. This vehicle responded out of Station 2 on all fires and mutual aid calls for tanker support, and was removed from service in 2011.
Retired Tanker 33 Tanker 33

Retired Tanker 34

1968 Chevy Tanker with 1200-gallon tank. PTO-driven pump with pump-and-roll capabilities, carries a 2000-gallon portable dump tank. This vehicle responds from Station 2 on fires and is also first out from Station 2 on all grass and field fires due to its small size and pump-and-roll capabilities.

Tanker 34