FVFD Stations

Station 1 Building 1

Station 1 Building 2


Located at 200 Plum Street, Frankton, IN 46044, Building 1 currently houses Rescue 35 and Engine 32 and Building 2 currently houses Tanker 33 and Retired Engine 1.

Station 2



Located at 3235 North 100 West, Anderson, IN 46011, Station 2 currently houses Engine 31, Tanker 37 and Grass 36. This station also houses Frankton Ambulance 3. This building is also the Lafayette Township Community Center, housing the Trustee’s office. This location is also a Red Cross-approved Emergency Evacuation Shelter, equipped with an emergency power generator allowing the building to be powered like normal in the event of a power outage in the area.


Located on CR 375 North, Anderson, IN 46011, the training facility was donated by the Frankton-Lapel School Corporation for use in training FVFD firefighters. There are two buildings on the property. The first contains a partial two-story house for use in simulating a structure fire. The first floor is elevated to provide a crawlspace, and there are stairs to a second floor. The building can be flooded with smoke in order to run search and extrication scenarios that approximate a real-world situation. SCBA confidence course can be run in the same building for familiarizing people w/ their SCBA and getting used to moving through confined or restricted spaces. There’s also an asphalt extrication pad for practicing auto extrications.

Ventilating the training building after an exercise