Accident with Entrapment, SR128 & CR200W… 5-4-2013

At 3 p.m., Station 30 was dispatched to a three-vehicle accident with entrapment, with one vehicle inverted and two people entrapped. Frankton Car 2 arrived and established command and Rescue 35 arrived at 3:12. Mutual aid was requested from Alexandria due to the size of the incident. Two people from the first car were transported to area hospitals, and after on-scene personnel stabilized the inverted car and removed the windshield, the occupants were cleared by Frankton Ambulance to exit the vehicle on their own. They were both subsequently transported to the hospital for check-out. Extrication was complete by 3:20. Station 30 personnel assisted with scene clean-up and returned to service at 3:58.

Scene View

Patient from non-inverted car is removed for transport by Alexandria FD personnel.

damage to first car

Damage to first car…

second car... inverted

Personnel from Frankton Ambulance talk to the occupants of the inverted car while FVFD personnel remove the windshield and stabilize the car.

retrieving personal items

Retrieving personal items for the occupants of the inverted car after they were extricated…

checking for leaks...

Checking the first car for fluid leaks…

damage to inverted car

A look at the damage to the inverted car after it was put back on its wheels by McLead’s Towing.

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