Quiz 01.2011

Read this article from Fire Rescue 1 News on “Ground ladder tips for the real world,” then answer the following questions.

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  1. Proactive RIT teams should consult with the IC and place additional ladders accordingly.

  2. How high above the roof lines should ladder rungs be for safety?
    1-2 rungs3-5 rungs4-6 rungs7-8 rungs

  3. The best placement for rescue or emergency egress ladders is under the window sill.

  4. If a ladder is placed on the A side of the structure, a secondary ladder should quickly be placed on which other side?

  5. A ladder placed on a commercial building should have a secondary ladder placed at what angle to the primary access ladder?
    90 degrees180 degrees20 feet away on same side

  6. Ladder placement and emergency ladder placement needs to be communicated to interior attack units.

  7. At least how many egress points need to be considered?


This exercise counts as one hour of in-house training. There are copies at Station 1 if you’d rather read and complete it on paper.